Benedetto Fasciana – "is an architect who drawing inspiration from the inheritance of the artisans of his country, Italy. In his works he gives priority to the austerity, careful selection of materials, proportion and color, aiming to create an ambience in which a religious like silence prevails. Following the steps of his maestro John Pawson, the search is towards invisible, between light and shadows, avoiding mannerisms. Other influences of his work can be found in David Chipperfield, Kazuyo Sejima, Matteo Thun and Peter Zumthor. Benedetto Fasciana's architecture is based on control, observation and measure. A craftsman who works with his hands and as such manages to develops interior designs without ego, where the over-elaborate is left behind and clarity of the lasting prevail”.

Currently Creative Director of the brand Matteo Thun Atelier based in Milan.

Andrés Fernández Rubio
journalist and critic of architecture